Writing Hacks: Learn Writing A Romantic Poetry

Writing Hacks: Learn writing a romantic poetry

Romantic poetry is a way of inducing intense sentimental and responsive feelings towards love and passion. It may be a challenge for some as it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But at the same time, it is fun also.

Have you ever written romantic poetry for someone special?

If not, then go for it! Because here are some incredibly special tips for you through which you can show your deep true love that will really work as a miracle in your love life.

To start writing a romantic poem, first, think about the person you love and start writing down the feelings that come in your mind spontaneously. While writing, you need not be very emotional nor too sentimental, but genuine and deep.

Explore your ideas and thoughts in a verse rather than writing in sentences. In order to engage your partner’s interest use sensory details with some unique illustrations.

Wait! Getting confused? Let us illustrate it briefly. Keep on reading!

Express Your Feelings

Writing Hacks: Learn Writing A Romantic Poetry

What do you feel when you see your lover or what is the thing that triggers your mind and senses when you feel the presence of your love? Ask yourself such questions and put them in a verse as clearly as you can.

Don’t think much about the consequences, your lover will definitely love to read. So, go crazy and open up your heart in front of your partner.

Best Forms Of Romantic Poetry

You can bind your expressions in different poetic styles. There are various forms of artistic expressions that can be used to express your feelings in a metrical rhythm. The popularly known forms are as follows:

  • Free verse: There is as such no defined formula for this form. This is a free form of writing with no limitations and boundaries (without rhythm).
  • Haiku: Focuses on nature and its clarity.
  • Sonnets: It is a fourteen-line poem.
  • Cinquains: It is a five-lined unrhymed form. (Inspired by Japanese Haiku).
  • Epic: It is a long and narrative poem (just as written stories).
  • Ballad: These poems are like songs that may have morals.

Choose the form that suits your description well and explore your skills to build the structure of your poem.

(Tip: You can go for Sonnet, as it is the form that is written for any kind of stories especially- love stories).

Use Of Sensory Illustration

Sensory descriptions mean making use of five senses while writing viz.- taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. These illustrations will give a deep rhythmic meaning to your words. This will give a personal experience and a comprehensive feel to your partner.

For example, you may describe your inner feelings when you were being proposed by your partner, with the sounds of ringing bells or a touch of cold or freezing air and so on.

Make Use Of Some Humor (or Funny Quotes)

Writing Hacks: Learn Writing A Romantic Poetry

Add spice to your poem by sprinkling some funny ideas. Don’t be over-sentimental or elaborate. Make your poem fun to read. Keep it witty.

Polish Your Romantic Poetry

Once you are done with writing, you need to read it out thoroughly. Listen carefully to know how it sounds. The best way to check your writing is to get other’s feedback on your poem. The readout for others as if you are reading for your lover. Adjust changes, if necessary and finally present it to your partner and let him or her know that this is straight away from your heart!

Hopefully, you enjoyed the article. Wish you all the success!

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