What Are the Different Kinds of Couples Therapy

couples therapy pittsburgh

You do not have to look far for one. This city, nestled within the Pittsburgh area, has a wide variety of couples’ programs that can work to help you get past your marital problems. From therapeutic visits to seminars and workshops, there is certainly something available for you. Here are some of the most popular couples therapy Pittsburgh can offer:

Marriage Counseling


This is the number one most requested couples therapy program. With so many different benefits, marriage counseling is a very popular option for couples. The trained counselors at these marriage counseling programs are experienced in working with couples who have had difficulties in their relationships. 

Most couples who take advantage of marriage counseling are able to see significant improvements in their relationships. It is the preferred method of helping couples who are having unresolved conflicts and who are unable to resolve their differences.

Psychotherapy Consulting

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Another very popular couples’ program, couples therapy programs in Pittsburgh also offer psychotherapy consultations. Many people often seek out psychotherapy consultants because they need assistance in resolving their personal issues. Oftentimes, professional counselors are able to help couples figure out how they may be able to work through some of their problems and achieve a loving relationship. 

They also assist those couples in controlling arguments and in handling issues around money. Counseling professionals in the Pittsburgh area can help you determine if you or your spouse need professional help in your personal life.

Individual Therapy

If you or your spouse need more individualized care, couples therapy programs in Pittsburgh can still provide this to you. There are several different types of couples’ therapy programs that can target specific issues that you are struggling with.

For instance, you can find couples that have an issue over financial concerns. In Pittsburgh, there are several couples therapy programs that offer unique solutions that will help you and your partner to work out a strategy that will allow both of you to get the most from your finances.

Marriage Counseling

The next thing that couples in the Pittsburgh area can look into is marriage counseling. Some couples will opt to schedule one on one sessions with a marriage counselor. Others will opt for more in depth conversations that allow them to express their thoughts and feelings without feeling embarrassed. 

If you or your spouse is having a difficult time communicating with each other, marriage counseling might help the two of you discover how you can communicate better. Couples’ counseling programs in Pittsburgh can provide an impartial third party that can help you work through your relationship issues.

Group Therapy

One of the most common couples’ therapy programs that is available in the Pittsburgh area is group therapy. Many couples that are struggling with relationship issues choose to attend couples’ therapy programs in Pittsburgh in order to find support and find out how they can handle the problems that they are having. 

By joining a couple’s group, you will be able to discuss your relationship problems and learn new ways of handling and dealing with those problems. However, not all couples will find this approach helpful. Before you opt to enroll in a couple’s group in Pittsburgh, make sure that you and your partner are willing to get together and speak about your relationship problems.

Individualized Therapy

There are also couples’ therapy programs that are designed specifically for different personalities. If you and your spouse are close and can talk easily, you may want to look into an individualized couples’ therapy program. 

These couples’ programs are geared towards helping couples who may not have the best communication skills. For instance, if you and your spouse do not speak well together, an individualized couples’ therapy program might help you work on communicating better.


Couples Therapy Pittsburgh is one of the options that you can consider if you want to deal with relationship problems. In addition to couples’ therapy programs, there are also other programs that you can do as well to help you with your relationship problems. One of these options is marriage seminars. Marriage seminars are generally held by professionals who have had experience dealing with different marital problems and can provide you with some insights into how to deal with your own personal problems. If you and your spouse are having a problem that you are not sure how to solve, it may be worth it to try a couples’ therapy program or a marriage seminar in Pittsburgh to see what you can do.

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