Wattpad Romance: Two Kinds Of Romance

Wattpad Romance

Many people are unaware that there are two kinds of romance today: the real and Wattpad romance. New York has divided into two: west and east. You should be aware that one New York City is ruled by two extremely powerful men: one on the west, and one on the east.

Power To Control

One of them – which I am sure everyone knows about – is former mayor Michael Bloomberg (yes, the former mayor of New York). He is the one that invented Bloomberg TV, the city’s news network – which, if you are familiar with it, means that Bloomberg has the power to control every aspect of the lives of his subjects.

Extremely Powerful Men
Wattpad Romance: Two Kinds Of Romance

Wattpad Romance

The other man who was elected mayor Michael Blau is Andrew Cuomo. The current governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, is a former state assemblyman, current state senator, former mayor of New York City, and governor. He also happens to be the one that made Wattpad romance a thing. He was the one who decided that the city needed to have its TV channel. Also, he even proposed to this very channel: “Wattpad TV,” as his name suggests.

Mayor Of New York

So, this means that they are the same person, although the only difference is that the former one is a billionaire and the latter is not. The only difference is that he is not the mayor of New York anymore.

Creating Network: Wattpad Romance

And in fact, he is not the only one who was instrumental in creating this network. He is just the one who was the most powerful. Other notable people involved in the making of Wattpad romance include former mayor Michael Bloomberg, current mayor Andrew Cuomo, former governor Andrew Cuomo, former speaker of New York State Assembly John Speyer, and other politicians. All of these people know each other.

Kind Of Fiction: Wattpad Romance

The truth about Wattpad romance is that it is a kind of fiction. Yes, it is not a fact. It is merely a fiction created to give people an illusion of something real – and that is what makes it dangerous – because people are so eager to believe it.

Entire Reality: Wattpad Romance

We cannot deny the fact that it is based on truth. But at the same time, we also cannot pretend that the truth is the entire reality. Or that the truth is somehow the whole truth. Because we know too much truth that we are not allowed to reveal. In our own lives.

Truth Of The Matter

We need to remember that while there is truth in this kind of fiction, there are also truths in reality. And the truth of the matter is that if there were no truth, in reality, the Wattpad romance would never exist.
We should also remember that the reality is far different from fiction. What is real is what we see and experience in reality. And what is fiction is what we imagine and create in our minds. That’s why I am so passionate about Wattpad romance.

Celebrities Overnight

But what about all those people who are being exploited by the Wattpad romance? Those are the ones that are duped into thinking that they can be celebrities overnight. These are the ones who are willing to sell their bodies for a paycheck. You see, they are looking for that quick buck, and they will try anything to get it.

City's News Network About Wattpad Romance
Wattpad Romance: Two Kinds Of Romance


They are looking for a quick buck, and that’s why they end up with all those unwanted pimples and sores in their face. Or under their arms. If you are not aware of these kinds of things, then I must warn you that you are about to come into contact with a scam artist.
That’s the real truth. You need to be aware and do some research about Wattpad romance before you decide to join it. So you can avoid the scam artist.

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