Types Of Couples Therapy – Which Is Right For You

types of couples therapy

The therapist you select to work with can be much more important than which types of couples therapy he or she uses. Couples therapy can truly be an effective tool, whether you are seeking to improve communication, increase intimacy, develop trust following a recent betrayal, or how to navigate your conflicts as a couple. For many people, the first few months of a relationship can be tumultuous and many couples don’t even last that long. As a result, some relationships end up in divorce.

Be Open And Willing To Share

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It’s no wonder so many relationships end in divorce when the couple has little trust or communication. In order for any relationship to be successful, both partners need to be open and willing to share. By working with a trained therapist who specializes in marital problems, you can discover the root cause of the problem and find possible solutions to strengthen your relationship. This is not a quick fix, by no means, but it can help to rebuild trust and intimacy between you and your spouse. Couples counseling not only helps couples struggling with deeper, marital issues, it also helps them to understand why their previous relationship failed and what they can do to avoid these pitfalls in the future.

One common marital issue couples face is the inability to communicate well. Through narrative therapy, you will discover techniques for deepening your communication by creating an interactive story about your relationship. With this method, your therapist will take you through a story in which you create the characters and solve the problem together. As you uncover the reasons behind your relationship issues, you will be better able to deal with the issues affecting your relationship now.

Deal With Anger And Aggression

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Another couples therapy technique helps couples deal with anger and aggression. Some people have an inherent tendency to be angry at the smallest thing, especially if it involves their partner. It may seem natural for you to be frustrated over money or health issues, but keep in mind that being angry all the time is not healthy. In addition, people who are constantly angry may hurt themselves physically because of their actions. This often leads to feelings of depression and a feeling of hopelessness.

Narrative therapy is effective because it allows you and your marriage counselor to confront these core issues head on and work through them. When you confront something you don’t like about your marriage, you are forcing yourself to confront it. Many times it doesn’t automatically come out and you are forced to work through it. However, if you feel strongly about it, the act of speaking up triggers a chain reaction of thoughts and feelings that creates the awareness that you are resisting something that you really want to solve. Through the stories you and your counselor listen and then confront together, the conflict is brought to the surface and you and your counselor can begin resolving it.

For other common problems, couples seek out group therapy. With group therapy, you have another couple there to share your thoughts and help you work through them. Most people that go to marriage counseling with a therapist are motivated to overcome the problem themselves instead of waiting for their therapist to do so. It allows you to practice speaking your mind to help you communicate your thoughts clearly and help others do the same.

Bottom Line

Once you receive the treatments that you need, you will likely notice an improvement in your relationship or marriage. You and your family or spouse will be able to communicate more effectively, and you may even find that your kids are talking more than they have in the past. Your therapist will be able to teach you new techniques that will help strengthen your relationship, and help you become closer as a couple. All relationships are difficult, but with the right partners to help can be gained. Regardless of what type of therapy is best for your specific needs, you will most likely enjoy the results of receiving couples counseling services.

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