Top 5 Necessary Couples Therapy Questions

Couples Therapy Questions

If you wish to make the most out of your marriage counseling sessions, it will be quite helpful to have a set of couples therapy questions that you can ask your spouse. Moreover, if you have a professional Counselor with you, you can also walk through an argument that might develop. It will help you openly ask what you feel and what you need to know about your partner. The more answers you get, the better communication you will have with your spouse.

Here are the top 5 necessary couples of therapy questions to ask during a therapy session.

List Of Couples Therapy Questions

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What Are The Biggest Problems In Our Marriage?

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Of course, you and your spouse will be sharing different perspectives on the status of your marriage. So it is necessary to ask your husband or wife what he or she thinks about the issues. It can also happen that you might be thinking about financial stress, whereas your partner is worried about communication and trust issues. Therefore, listen to the answers to your spouse very closely and try to learn from it.

When Did The Problems Start?

Try to pinpoint the moment when your marriage took a Wrong Turn. Was it a trip, a decision, or a person that came into your life? If you can determine the triggers, you may reverse the entire issue and get back to a successful path.

But if you cannot pinpoint the movement in that case, try to think back to the time when you both were pleased. You can also use your last happy time as a building block for happiness.

What Do I Do That Gets On Your Nerves?

Asking your spouse what to do to get on their nerves is the essential couples therapy question. Moreover, your spouse will also ask the same problem if you take the first chance to ask it. The goal in every part of couple therapy is to come to a fruitful compromise for both of you.

What Do You Love Most About Me?

It is effortless to focus on the negative side during marriage counseling sessions. But it is also equally important to look at the positive side. So always try to ask what your partner loves most about you. These couples therapy questions will help you identify the solution to regain your mutual trust for one another.

Do You Trust Me?

Trust is an inevitable component of any successful marriage. So, while preparing the list of couples therapy questions, never forget to add this one to your list. Speak out if you are no longer able to trust your partner. Moreover, remember to clearly state the reason behind the lack of trust and the problems you face while trusting the other.


The above-mentioned couples therapy questions will help you to get the most out of a therapy session. Not only this, but these questions will also increase the chances of better understanding between you and your partner.

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