Sweet Good Night Messages And Wishes For Your Love

Sweet Good night messages and wishes for your love

Sweet good night messages are awesome if you are contented and joyful, appeasing if you are under any pressure and solitary if you are alone.

In the night time, everyone is asleep but a true lover keeps on thinking and dreaming about the one whom he loves the most. With the bright light of the moon, shining stars in the sky and silence all around let your caring heart open up for thinking about your special one.

Let your partner know about your feelings through your passionate wishes and quotes! Embrace your lovely dreams throughout the night with some sweet good night messages for your love so that your next day will come with a new light and a new beginning. Check out some good night messages and quotes that will help you to exhibit your love!

Sweet Good Night Messages For Him

Sweet Good Night Messages And Wishes For Your Love

If you are in a relationship with your boyfriend – looking forward to seeing a long term future with each other and want to express love and emotions to one another in some or other way – sending sweet messages is the most engaging option that you can look forward to.

Let your boyfriend know what you feel about him through the good-night messages. Your messages will make him feel loved throughout the night and will dream only about you the whole night. How to write good night notes? Yes, it can be a daunting task for some. Understanding your pain, we have brought for you some examples of sweet good night messages. Here we go:

“I am extremely eager to welcome you through my eyes, ears, hands, kiss and a beautiful dream. So do come and make my world sweeter. Wish you a sweet dream dear!”

“I never felt so contented and cheerful before I met you. Your company makes me happy. Will you be with me forever?”

“My dreams are incomplete without you. May you have sweet dreams dear!”

“Whenever I think about you, I experience some dizzy feelings of happiness. Can you tell me what is it? Is it love?”

“Whenever I think about my life, I could see only two things- I and You” Good Night Darling. Be a part of my dream tonight!”

Sweet Good Night Messages For Her

Sweet Good night Messages And Wishes For Your Love

If any girl says that “You are my best buddy but I can’t think about you another way.”, that means she is yet to get connected to you in terms of long way relationships. This implies that you have not tried well to expedite her interest. It’s time to change your way of approaching her closeness.

You may be very sweet at friendship- making her laugh, feel comfortable and bantering her in all possible ways. But if you want to move forward with her, these gestures are not enough for wooing. Mostly, men believe in the direct approach whereas females anticipate innocuous flirting by men. Flirting shows your deeper interest. Crop it up just by texting her some good morning and good night messages. Here are some examples that will help you to initiate your process:-

“Will you please stop looking so pretty? I feel obsessed! Your beauty had stolen my peaceful sleep! Let me sleep tonight! Good Night gorgeous!”

“I feel depressed when I think about my life without you.”

“I love dreaming about beautiful ladies. Please do come tonight also. I am waiting. Sweet dreams and Goodbye.”

“My aim in life is- just looking at you all the time” Good Night baby!”

These are some examples that will let your lady know your interests in her. Make your lady crazy for you!

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