Romantic Destination: The Journey of Love with Island

Start a Journey of Love with Islands- Ultimate Romantic Destination

Exploring the world through a romantic destination is a fantastic thing. It is the best feeling ever when you travel around the world with your soulmate.

 Romance is eternal and can be nourished in many ways. Romantic Traveling is one of them. There are two intentions of traveling with your love. First, you travel to see the world. Second, you love to see the world the way your partner wants to. For getting into the romantic travel spirits, there are many options for stunning destinations for spending your holidays with your spouse. One of the perfect destinations can be –An Island Travel.

Islands are world into themselves. Exploring an island is like exploring a new world. The air of the islands is considered to be different than any other region of the world. Hence, it is thought about to be the most unique and enchanting place to discover. 

Here are some most romantic islands destined for you. You can choose any one of them and make it your next lovers retreat! So, here we go:

Kauai, Hawaii: Incredible Romantic Destination

Romantic Destination: The Journey of Love with Island

Kauai Hawaii Island, also known as Garden Island is the perfect destination for couples. Rather, Hawaii Island is just for lovers! It is an incredible romantic island for nature lovers as well. The great thing about this island is, it has everything to explore from beautiful golden sand beaches to dense rainforests. You can snorkel in the ocean, visit a national park, and waterfalls. In the evening, you can even enjoy the Hawaiian fare (the traditional one).

Also, if you are planning for a wedding destination, Hawaii ranks amongst the most appealing romantic wedding destinations in the world.

Easter Islands

This island is located in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean. The mysterious Moai statues (stone blocks)- that are 13 feet tall are the remarkable captivation of this spot.

You can hire a car, mountain bikes or motorcycles to explore this archeological site with your partner. Apart from its cultural history, it is also a place where you can enjoy your romantic break with some refreshing activities like diving and surf through the fascinating beaches.

If you are a beach lover, then there can be nothing better than spending some days with your soulmate on an island like this!

Saint Lucia, The Caribbean

The beautiful scenery of the Caribbean, archetypal mountains and palm-fringed shore look make it a perfect holiday spot for a couple to meander. For spending quality time with your partner, many hotels serve you all the leisure facilities considering privacy up a notch.

Bahama’s Harbor Island

Romantic Destination: The Journey of Love with Island

“Beautiful, wild, mysterious and free” these 4 words are all that defines this beach. It is an excellent place where you can mingle with your partner and explore every corner of the place with the person you love the most. 

Located near the northern tip of Eleuthera, the entire island is lined with colorful cottages and traditional Bahamas architecture. Apart from that, the romantic sunrise is the most popular spot for lovers to fall in love with.

Fiji: Most Favored Romantic Destination!

It is rated as a top honeymoon destination of the world. Its multi-culture, beauty, climate and warm-hospitality makes it different from all other places.

Fiji is located in the Melanesian part of Oceania. Here are some names of the isles that are in Fiji where you can spend your honeymoon- like Viti Levu, Mamanucas, Yasawas, Vanua Levu, and Taveuni.

A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime event. So, it should be special. Right?

Are you also planning for your honeymoon? If not yet, start planning now! Make it special and the best memory ever by exploring one of these above five stunning destinations.

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