Romantic First Date Ideas to Capture Your Sweethearts Heart

romantic first date ideas

Here is a quick guide to some great romantic first date ideas. Create graffiti together. If you want cool romantic first date ideas, this probably counts as one of your more unique first date ideas. Get a bunch of kids together to draw or paint. Plant seeds randomly around your apartment or house. Draw each other’s sketch of what they want for dinner that night.

An Overview

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Do an experimental science project. Pretend to be an archeologist or a botanist. This is actually one of the most fun romantic first date ideas out there, because it combines the elements of science and romance all in one go!

Go on a road trip

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Going on a road trip is a lot of fun for a couple, especially if the drive is long enough to just take it easy and have a good time. Buy tickets for a movie you both can enjoy together and make sure to stop off at a great spot to eat as well. A perfect place to start could be an obscure drive through a small town somewhere. Romantic first date ideas for singles in the city can include stopping at a coffee shop, diner, or diner with a great view.

Rock climbing

Going rock climbing is a great activity to combine with a great date. There are many possible locations to go rock climbing in the city. Some of the best romantic first date ideas for singles in the city include going rock climbing at the cliffs around the East Village in San Francisco. This is the most popular climbing location in the Bay Area, so it makes it a very popular place for a first date.


Sports are a great activity for a couple to enjoy together that does not have to cost a lot. If both of you enjoy sports, consider going to a local park for a picnic, or to a ball park for a game. This is one of the most romantic first date ideas for singles in the city, because sports are almost always a fun activity.

Historic Venue

Have fun trying to think of activities that fit the above mentioned ideas. London Bridge is a great place to have a romantic first date idea. If the two of you are into History, this could be a very enjoyable outing. Head over to the Tower of London and stand in the path of King Henry II. If your date is more into romance, head to a beautiful park near the London Bridge and take in the beauty of the London River and bridge views.

Romantic Dinner

After the aforementioned park, have a lovely dinner at a romantic restaurant. If you are not up for eating in a restaurant, try a place such as Sainsbury’s or Tiffany’s. These places are known for their elegant environments and great food. After dinner, it is time for the next great time to start dating.

Romantic Stuffed Animals

While most parks and restaurants offer great food and entertainment, there is another place where singles can have some fun and excitement: stuffed animals. Sizes do matter here, so make sure you pick the right stuffed animal size for your first date. For second dates, take the stuffed animals with you to your favorite botanical garden.

Going to the Sabino Canyon

Some might think this idea sounds weird, but this is one of the best first date ideas. The Sabino Canyon is considered one of the most romantic spots in the world. It is a national park that offers breathtaking scenery for couples on their first date. There are also trails that take you deep into the Sabino Canyon, perfect for couples that want a romantic getaway.

Rock Climbing in the Santa Catalina Mountains

Just an hour south of Tucson, Arizona, sits the world’s top five outdoor climbing locations: The Grand Canyon, the Grand Sierra, Tumacacori State Park, and Cabeza Lagoon. If rock climbing isn’t your thing, then consider taking a hike, kayaking, or white water rafting. All of these activities are available throughout the year and can be combined for a wonderful romantic first date in the beautiful Santa Catalina mountains.


All of these first date ideas will lead you to a truly memorable experience that you will never forget. Not only will you have a great time exploring the beautiful parks and monuments, but you will also find yourself surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery in the country. If you aren’t exactly sure what to do on your first date, these romantic ideas will put you on your way to having a very special night together.

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