Romantic Date Ideas For Valentines Day

romantic date ideas san francisco

If you’re looking for romantic date ideas for San Francisco, you’ve come to the right place. There is just something about visiting this part of the world that makes a great date. Whether you are planning on an intimate date with just you and your date of romance or maybe even spending a romantic weekend in the Bay Area with your special someone, these are just some of the many great romantic date ideas for San Francisco you’ll find out there. You’re in luck because these are all ideas for date ideas that work no matter what your relationship with your significant other is like. You can have the time of your life, but it’s still just a date!

Whether you decide to go out to a fancy restaurant or just do an indoor event with just the two of you, having a good meal out at a great restaurant can really heat things up. The Bay Area is known for its great restaurants, so this might be a great place to treat yourself to some romantic food as well.

A Ferry Ride To The West Coast

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Another great idea for romantic date ideas in San Francisco is to take a ferry ride to the West Coast. This is actually a popular activity with couples who are from the East Coast because it is such a romantic way to spend a weekend. Take a seat on the ferry, relax by the water and look at the amazing sunsets. Spend some time alone and just enjoy each other’s company.

Going out to dinner and a movie is also one of the more popular romantic date ideas for San Francisco. However, if you and your significant other aren’t the movie type and would rather spend a Friday night together getting undressed and getting prepared to go out to a nice movie then you could always take in a show. Theaters in the area have a tendency to put on some great shows at night that keep people involved and entertained. You can always count on a packed house at any of these theaters during peak show times.

A Picnic Or Lunch Somewhere

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Try a little outdoor love time with a picnic or lunch somewhere. There are many wonderful picnic locations in San Francisco and most of them are within walking distance of the many great night clubs and night spas. So you can always spend the day out on the town on a romantic date. You can bring your picnic to a local park or try a day trip out of town. It really depends on where you want to go as to what type of romantic date ideas you should use. Most of these ideas work really well when you involve food as well.

If you and your significant other are into yoga or meditation then doing that on a date could be a great way to add some spice to your date. Invite him or her to come with you and do some togetherness at a local garden or water park. Some of these places host yoga classes every month or so that the whole family and couples can get in some extra yoga practice. Then you can create your own romantic date ideas by incorporating dinner and dancing at one of these venues.

A Movie

Of course, a movie would be an excellent way to create some serious romantic time. There are so many different movie channels and you can even rent some of them free online. There are certain movies that are all about heartbreaks so it would make a good date idea to watch one of those. These are just some of the great Valentine’s Day date ideas that you can use to create the time for two of you.

You will never run out of ideas for Valentine’s Day but you might run out of time before you actually plan it out. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so you better start making plans now. If you don’t then you might miss out on the opportunity to spend time with that special someone.


Planning a great date in advance can help make sure that it goes smoothly and you do not forget anything. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ideas for Valentine’s Day that you can choose from. Just take the time to look at what is available and then determine which one fits you and your partner perfectly.

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