Relationship Help For Married Couples – Attachment Parenting Intimacy and Erotic Therapies

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The internet and TV are filled with relationship help programs. There are some really good relationship help DVDs, as well as many of the programs you see on infomercials on late night TV. However, what is the best way to get help for your relationship?

Participation From Both End Is Important


A major part of getting help for your relationship problems is to make sure that both partners participate. Many couples look to one partner for all of the relationship help they need. When couples first start dating, they don’t communicate very much. Over time, this becomes a problem.

After a while, it can be difficult to figure out where to start when it comes to communicating with your partner. While you may have great relationship communication skills yourself, if your partner doesn’t, it’s important that you work on yours as well. You want to be open and honest with each other, but also know when it’s not appropriate to share your most personal thoughts. It is also important to remember that when your relationship starts to turn negative, it’s not always your fault.

Online Couples Counseling Services 


There are many couples counseling services online that can help you with relationship problems. However, couples’ counseling isn’t always the answer for every relationship dilemma. Sometimes couples just don’t have the time to go to couples counseling. Also, couples who go on relationship courses usually take time away from their families. For some, marriage ed courses aren’t even an option.

If you and your spouse are at a point in your relationship where you feel there is simply no turning the relationship back around, then couples counseling may be the answer. In this type of couple’s therapy, the goal is restoring intimacy. During intimacy, couples learn how to reconnect with one another after years of distance. Many people assume that intimacy is simply physical, but that’s not necessarily true. Some couples come away from couples therapy with feelings of guilt over not being more “in each others’ minds.”

Know About Healthy Boundaries

Another important thing during intimacy is healthy boundaries. One important thing that a relationship counselor will teach his or her clients is how to set healthy boundaries within a relationship. Boundaries allow each person to feel secure in his or her relationship. Without healthy boundaries, one partner may feel that he or she is dominating the other and this can result in a breakup.


Attachment parenting is becoming more popular as a way of raising children. Many people don’t know enough about this style of parenting, which is why couples counseling can be very helpful. If you or your spouse are struggling with intimacy issues, couples counseling could be just what you need. Your therapist will help you work through your issues and create a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship. With these relationship education courses, you’ll gain valuable skills for a successful and fulfilling relationship.

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