Rebuilding Trust In A Relationship After Betrayal

Rebuilding trust in a relationship after Betrayal

No relationship is perfect! Life is a big challenge. Many people feel why it is difficult for them only and not for others. But the truth of life is- the challenges are given to those who are strong enough to get through them.

Cheating or betrayal is a part of human nature. Moreover, it is the most detrimental thing that happens to any love relationship. Some people find it just a way of rediscovering passion and excitement in their lives when they want to avoid boredom and get out of the romantic crash. Mostly, recurring feelings of any strong emotions and avoidance of reoccurring disputes comes out as a betrayal.

Why Do People Cheat On Their Partners In A Relationship?

Rebuilding Trust In A Relationship After Betrayal

There are many reasons for which people cheat. Here are some estimations:

  1. Boredom: In long term relationships, you know everything about your partner and are in search of new experiences and new excitements. In such cases, boredom is very common. People find a way to walk away from their current relationship.
  2. Sexual Desires: There are sometimes fantasies to form a new relationship for the fulfillment of sexual desires. This lust or intense longing for someone is the common cause of infidelity.        
  3. Relationship Problems: Every relationship have some or other issues and affairs like lack of communications, quarrels, misunderstandings, ignorance by the partner, external or family stress, and money matters that lead to splits, betrayal, and infidelity.

How To Rebuild Trust After Being Cheated In A Relationship?

Rebuilding Trust In A Relationship After Betrayal

“Just because the process hurts doesn’t mean the results won’t be beautiful.”

To bring true happiness to your family, and to bring back your love, you must control your mind first. If you are focused on the solution, there is no problem that may bother you. Make yourself strong enough to overcome all the obstacles in a positive way. Know-how:

Motivate Your Partner

Once lost, trust is very difficult to rebuild. After marriage, trust is the main root of the relationship and if this root is extirpated, everything gets shattered.

Rebuilding trust after a betrayal is difficult but, at times, it is rewarding also. The betrayed person gets the opportunity to know his or her partner better and can find it helpful in estimating the probability of betrayal again in the future.

It may sometimes take a longer time to come out of the distress. But, your contribution may genuinely motivate your partner to change and bring back the love that is lost between you both and your partner throughout the declining days.

Maintain The Frequency Of Conversations

In this traumatic experience, sometimes you may feel like leaving your partner behind and moving on. In such situations, you may unnecessarily start recurring conversations about the betrayals. But this can be damaging to you both. Constantly hammering any person creates irritation or anger and thus, running away from the situation becomes the only solution for the betrayer. Hence, the person who gets betrayed should know how to tackle the situation and maintain the frequency of conversations.

See Whether Reconnecting Is Useful Or Not

The person who betrays once can again cheat somewhere in the future. So, if you are finding it really difficult to rebuild the trust, you should ask yourself questions like whether this behavior is the ongoing process, or this is the first time that your partner cheated? If it is the first time that is happening to you, it may be good conduct to take risk of healing the treachery.

In case your partner has a character problem and you find that patch up is useless, it is better that, you finally leave the relationship instead of getting hurt severely.

If in case your partner really feels sorry for his deeds and want to move on with you, in such circumstances you should:

  1. Communicate complaints to your partner in a way that motivates him /her.
  2. Decide whether you can forgive your partner after betrayal.
  3. Don’t humiliate your partner. Rather, try to understand his or her feelings, and move on.

Undeniably, not all survivors end up on a high-note as it is not easy to heal the bits and papers of betrayals. Although your future may not imitate your past (loving days) but, by leaving behind your wounds of past, you can start a new life with your partner in a new way.

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