Love Culture: An Experience Of The Majority Of People

Love Culture: An Experience of the Majority of People

Love culture is a part of people’s keen and ardent experience since the epoch. The fact of love is- it is a set of strong emotions that almost every person of a different culture, era, and country experiences in different ways once in their lives. Although Love is considered to be encased in a cultural framework, it is boundless.

Love culture puts a strong impact on the majority of the lover’s mind about the concept of LOVE that makes them behave and feel emotions in their relationships accordingly. This phenomenon exhibits love emotions to move along in a cultural way.

Effects Of Love Culture On Emotions

Love Culture: An Experience of the Majority of People

Romantic love and passionate love are the two main phenomena of love and there are shreds of evidence of their existence in almost every culture in this world. Hence, love culture has evolved as a universal phenomenon. Every culture has some limitations, guidelines, boundaries and set of rules that give people a way to nurture their emotions, with specific limitations. It becomes the responsibility of every individual to follow the limitations of respective cultural guidelines. Therefore, folks from various cultures may characterize the same social framework in different frames.

Can People From Different Cultures Experience The Same Feelings For Each Other?

Although it is a part of human psychological study, this can’t be denied that cultural thoughts shape our emotions. But, when we say, that we are emotionally attached to someone, this means we understand each other’s feelings, psychology and facial expressions that are regardless of culture. This is what a definition of true love says. In many historical love stories, we have seen that people of different cultures fall in love with one another. Thus, it faces irrational tortures from their respective cultures and societies. This means that love is bounded with cultural aberrant thoughts.

Cross-Cultural Challenges

The cultural impact can affect emotions in both a positive and negative way. The thing that should matter in love is the feeling that goes from strength to strength. It is very obvious that two people from an altogether different culture may face problems in the future, but it counts how you work together through these problems in any circumstances. Here are some common challenges in cross-cultural relationships:

  • One has to go through various religious beliefs and practices that are followed in the other culture.
  • Losing your identity.
  • Sometimes facing unsupportive people of families.
  • When culture is different, their way of responding is also different. This may lead to misunderstandings and dismay.
  • Lifestyle clashes.
  • Different eating and drinking habits.
  • Different approaches towards love, family and relationships and many more.

Dealing With Cultural Barriers

Love Culture: An Experience of the Majority of People

The real spice of life lies in diversities. As long as you understand and respect each other’s feelings no barrier can come across your love. If you are a true lover, no cultural or religious difference can end your relationship.

In case, if you find that your relationship is going out of expectations and limits, at that time, you may consult a relationship counselor. They will encourage you to investigate the cultural disputes in the relationship and let you understand the way you feel for each other. They will help you find the exact reason of how the cultural barriers affected your relationship. If it is found that you both have deep feelings for each other and the problem is only the cultural difference, they will make you realize how important you both are for each other regardless of cultural differences.

Looking back at your relationship that had emotions, love, understanding, feelings, affection, and sacrifice, along with cultural divergence you can work on restoring those initial feelings.

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