How Online Couples Therapy Works

online couples therapy

Some of the best and simplest online couples therapy and online marriage counseling is able to be done over video or audio sessions. Live video sessions are ideal for large cell phone data plans. Audio sessions provide a more intimate setting for an individual to discuss their issues face-to-face. The benefits of utilizing this therapy method is that it offers privacy, a safe avenue to receive advice and assistance from professionals, and quicker than most other forms of counseling.

Begin Online Couples Therapy

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In order to understand how to begin an online couples therapy session, you must understand what type of information you are going to be receiving during your first meeting. First, the counselor will go over your history, including why you have met and married, what your hopes and dreams are for the future, etc. This is referred to as a background history. Then, they will go over how you became involved in your current relationship. The goals couples work toward during counseling sessions may vary, depending on the goals of each couple.

Make An Appointment

If you and your spouse want to take part in online marriage counseling sessions, then there are a few things you must do to prepare. First, you should make an appointment to meet with the therapist. Once you have scheduled a consultation, you should arrive 15 minutes early, so as not to scare your spouse or make them anxious when they arrive. In addition, be prepared to share all of your concerns and desires about the marriage, so as to allow the counselor to better understand where you are coming from.

Utilize An Individualized, One

Online couples therapy services utilize an individualized, one-on-one format. This format allows couples who may not be able to speak openly to one another in a face-to-face setting to communicate their thoughts and feelings clearly and comfortably. In-person marriage counseling sessions typically take longer because there are many more people in the room with you. When you use an individualized format, the therapist can quickly identify your unique patterns of behavior and can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. You will also be given personal support from the therapist as well as other couples within your particular niche.

Online marriage counseling services generally offer several options for communication and listening. There are a number of individualized styles of communication that can be utilized between the couples, including chat, emails, forums and telephone consultations. The more options that your marriage counselor has available to you, the more comfortable you will be in expressing your thoughts and ideas to the other individual. It is important to have an open and understanding dialogue with your marriage counselor at all times, no matter what format you are using.


Online couples’ therapy can help you and your partner discover new ways of relating to one another. It takes work and commitment to make changes and progress with your relationship. If you would like more information about online counseling, there are a number of different types of web sites that offer this type of counseling. Some sites offer free initial consultations and there are others that charge fees for the initial session. The prices charged by these different sites will be based on the length of time the counseling will take and the expertise of the therapist and counselor working with the client. There are lots of different types of online couples therapy available and it is important to choose the right one for your needs.

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