Gottman Couples Therapy- What Is It and How Does It Work

gottman couples therapy

If you or your spouse is considering couples therapy, you may have heard of Davidott’s couples therapy. The couples’ work with this psychotherapist deals with couple issues such as communication, power dynamics, trust, commitment, and sexuality.

One of the many things that the couples will work on is their trust. How do you build trust in a relationship? Do you have good communication skills? Are you trustworthy and able to establish healthy relationships? These are some of the questions that will be answered during the course of gottman couples therapy.

An Introduction to Gottman Couples Therapy

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Drs. Edi Gottman and Josephte are well known for coming up with effective and practical methods for repairing a relationship. They are not the first couple to come up with relationship solutions. The two of them have over thirty years of experience helping couples and clients who are having trouble in their relationships.

One of the keys to the success of the gottman couples therapy is the involvement of both parties. This is a crucial part of the program. The therapists are going to start by identifying some of the problems that the couples are having. It could be a number of issues, such as lack of communication or sexual issues. Once these problems have been identified, the therapists will then work with the couple to improve these areas.

When you look into the more advanced programs, you will see that there is an important element to building trust and connection with your spouse.

When you are in therapy, you should try to find the moments when you are calm and comfortable. The idea is to make sure that your partner feels safe and loved when you are being open and honest with them. The moments when you are calm and relaxed are the moments when you will be able to find the right words to say to your spouse. These phrases are the key to repairing your relationship.

Fixing The Issues

A common mistake that many couples make during the Gottman couples therapy is the use of highly technical terms. When a couple is discussing how they feel or their problems, it is important that they must not talk in highly technical terms. The importance of building a connection with your partner stems from the emotional need for honesty. People thrive on communication. When you can get to the heart of your problem and find common ground, you will be closer to repairing the damage that has been done through the years and you will heal the brokenness between you.

As previously mentioned, communication is a huge component of any healthy relationship. When a couple is considering couples therapy, the first step should be to listen carefully to each other. The next step is to take some time apart from one another and communicate again. The ultimate goal is to have a stronger, more mature relationship than what you have now.

Therapy or Counseling?

Many people are confused about the difference between therapy and counseling. Counseling can only be done once a year or when there is a need for a specific change in a person’s behavior. You cannot change your partner overnight. There are many psychotherapists who specialize in marriage and family counseling, but many of these counselors tend to focus on how to manage conflict rather than healing the shared meaning.

The primary goal of Gottman couples therapy is to establish a connection with your partner and create a secure attachment.

One important aspect of this program is to use evidence-based therapy techniques. This is just like how a doctor would treat a patient.


The goal is to provide you with effective ways to communicate with each other and resolve conflicts

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