Fun And Romantic Date Ideas For You on Valentines Day

fun and romantic date ideas

If you are in need of some fun and romantic date ideas for Valentine’s Day, then read this article to discover what you can do on this special day. Although every woman likes to be asked out on a date at least once a year, it can become an irritating chore if you try to make that date memorable and special on your own. If you’re like most women, you might have tried to plan a romantic date at a local bar, club, or restaurant only to be turned away or find that the place is packed. So instead of relying on old-fashioned ideas about what you should wear to a romantic dinner, here are some fun and romantic date ideas that will get your date all excited about going out on a date.

Go on A Picnic

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One of the best fun and romantic date ideas for Valentine’s Day is to go on a picnic. Going on a picnic with the one you love is a dreamy date that will remind both of you to have good memories from the past and the joys of the present. There are so many different picnic ideas to choose from and planning one can be very enjoyable. There are so many different locations where you can go on a picnic including the beach, in the woods, near a river, and many more.

Salon Treat

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Another great idea for fun and romantic date idea for Valentine’s Day is to have a spa and salon treat you to a day of pampering. Many spas offer different types of massages, facials, and other beauty treatments that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. If you don’t want to pay for a spa visit, you could book into one of the many local beauty schools and get manicures and pedicures. Doing this on your own won’t only save you money but it will also give you a lot of time to prepare for your date. You can also pick and choose what time of day you would like to have your appointment and how long you would like to spend getting your nails done and doing your hair. Some beauty schools offer special classes on how to be a better date and how to create a fun and romantic atmosphere to help you enjoy your date even more.

Restaurant Dinner

Another great idea for a fun and romantic date idea for Valentine’s Day is going to a day-long block party and having dinner at one of the restaurants there. You can eat at one of the restaurants and then head back to the hotel for some quiet, romantic time together. Most hotels offer several different restaurants for dates like this and you can use this as a place to celebrate as well. You might want to make reservations if there is a lot of people that are coming to the block party to eat.

Cruise Ships

A fun idea for dates for all seasons is going on a cruise ship and spending some time together on shore trips. You can take a day or two to just explore the waters and soak in the sun. You can take a day or two and spend some time in a resort and enjoy the amenities and spend the night watching fireworks. These are all great ideas for spending time with each other and having an exotic vacation.


Make sure that you take a few minutes to think about the type of food you want to serve and also the drinks you plan on serving. You need to be creative but make sure that you do not overdo it. These are some of the best ideas for Valentine’s Day. Spend quality time with that special someone and enjoy the company of someone who really cares about you. What could be better?

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