First Date Ideas For A Romantic Evening You Will Never Forget

romantic first date ideas

Asking someone out on a date can be scary, but planning the actual date can be even more difficult. You want to create an evening that will stand out in her mind as something that she’ll never forget, but you also want to plan something that you’ll enjoy as well. To help you out, here are seven romantic date ideas that are sure to create an unforgettable evening.

Go On A Date At Sunset

There’s nothing more beautiful than a sunset on a warm summer evening. With some soft jazz in your ears and a champagne flute in hand, there’s no better way to enjoy a night out with your loved one. Asking her parents or siblings for a restaurant recommendation is also a nice touch—the whole evening will feel more intimate and unique.

Have Dinner And Watch The Sunset Over Your Favorite Park

Head out to your favorite park, grab a picnic basket and some blankets and take in a movie under the stars. It’s simple, but it’s also lovely and will give you plenty of time for snuggling. And for those who are more adventurous? Find a nearby beach or another beautiful natural environment; watch as you set up camp for two! If any holiday events are coming up—such as Valentine’s Day or Memorial Day—consider attending them together.

Catch A Summer Concert Together

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Summer concerts are a fun way to spend an evening with your date. There are free outdoor concerts in many large cities, or if you’re in a smaller town, check out your local bar scene for some live music. Either way, there’s no better soundtrack for romance than a musical duo! Bring along some wine and cheese and enjoy a relaxing evening in each other’s company.

Have Ice Cream Together At Your Favorite Spot

This idea takes ice cream to a whole new level. Most big cities have their fair share of ice cream shops that feature interactive experiences. When you take your lady on an ice cream date, you can make it even more special by visiting one of these unique places. If you’re both feeling crazy, why not try.

Hit Up The Arcade, Mini Golf, Batting Cages, Or Laser Tag

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Dating doesn’t have to be an elaborate, extravagant affair. Go fun and straightforward, like having drinks (and maybe even dinner) at your local pub. Or how about old-school games? Bowling or playing arcade games can be lots of fun if you don’t stress over scores or winnings—it’s all about getting out together.

Have Dinner At Your Favorite Restaurant Followed By Dessert At Your Place

Who says a date must be a restaurant or a movie? Take your date out for a drink at your local bar. It’s free, and you can learn about each other as you talk about something fun. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time for conversation as bars are typically less noisy than restaurants, making it easier for your date not to feel rushed.

Summing Up

When a woman thinks back on her first date with you, she should remember a thoughtful man specializing in every detail. From reserving a great table at an intimate bistro to writing love letters while he waited for her at home, your first date should be fun, romantic, and memorable.

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