Double Couple Date – Balancing The Love And Friendship

double couple date

Going on a date with your loved ones is always fun. But going on a date with your significant other and bringing your favorite couple along for the ride is more fun than the solo date. When you feel like chilling with new people and making happy memories together just call up your go-to duo and make the time memorable. A double couple date does not mean you have to go out and sit in a restaurant or somewhere else. But you can also call up your favorite couple at home and spend some quality time with them. 

Here, we will share some excellent double couple date ideas. 

Double Couple Date

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If you are not very familiar with the couple you are going out with then to make it easy make a plan of going to a comedy club at night. Here you will not have to keep chatting with the whole night, the pressure is not very high. Just enjoy the night together, laugh, and have small talk. Therefore, the next time you go out with this couple it will be much easier to chat with them. 

A paint and sip event can be another good choice to spend quality time with your loved ones. To make it special just bring a few bottles of wine to your local paint-and-sip joint and paint away. If you like old-fashioned dinner at a restaurant or bar, then this will be a great idea. 

Are you a food lover and is your group too? Then an outdoor food market can be your place to go. There you can also explore new food items together. 

Double Couple Date Activities

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Cooking dinner together at your place rather than reserving four seats at hot new restaurants. Here the fun will be double, together you can prepare new items and then decorate the table and have some amazing dinner party.  

Another double couple date idea is solving a mystery in an escape room. If you are not very comfortable with your friends then just invite them to an escape room and put your brains to the test. Even if you cannot make it in time or cannot solve the puzzles it will create some funny moments. 

Attending a sports game together is another nice idea of spending time together. It does not matter whether you like sports or not but when you enjoy sports together and cheer for them is always enjoyable. 


Going to date as a double couple can actually become interesting if you can find the right activities for you to do. It is actually much fun than what just two people might do. Learning something new is always fun and it increases your knowledge. It can be anything, be it dancing, knitting or something else but when four of you are together and doing something new for yourselves then it will make your bond strong and you will get more time to spend together. Therefore, attending classes together can be a good idea to spend more time together.

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