Does A Romance Exist Between Couples After Kids?

Does a romance exist between couples after kids?

Romance is all about care and affection. Although being a part, romance is the next stage that comes after friendship. It is a feeling of excitement and being loved by someone intensely.

But this romance fades up once you step into your parenthood transition. Having kids drastically changes your life and in between this, love or romance is lost. That is why it is important to bond yourself with your spouse before starting a family. Let us see how we can deal with this:

Keep your Romance Alive By Dating Your Partner

Does A Romance Exist Between Couples After Kids?

Family night out is sometimes good but first, it is more important to date your partner regularly. As you started your love journey through dating, you should keep the fire on to fall in love every time you date. Even if it is just talking about each other, or laughing together for any damn reasons, setting time for each other is important.

It is not always possible with kids to spare time for a date (especially when you are a new parent). But you should know this that to keep your love alive, dating is equally important. You should not ignore it. Moms are more likely to find an excuse, after being busy with kids for the whole day. But remember, you should always find time for your love.

Pamper Your Spouse More Than, Kids

Let your children see their parents loving each other. Because, when kids see their parents love, they feel secure and protected. They feel loved. Also, it teaches them what actually love is. Not only this, but it also gives them a message saying that we are bonded together forever.

Our home has to be the best place where our children see us as a happy couple. If couples are happy, the entire family and hence home is happy. This all will happen only when you will make each other happy first.

Keep Your Work Aside And Reconnect Your Romance

Does A Romance Exist Between Couples After Kids?

When you are a new parent it becomes difficult to find time for romance.  A two-carrier family has to do many tough tasks like feeding kids, changing nappies, playing with them, teaching them and many more.

There is a need to give yourself a break and spend some time to transit yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to keep aside your parental responsibilities. You can do both the side of the things by side as well. Like:

  • If you are out for a walk with your baby, while pushing baby pram hold the hand of your spouse and flirt somehow, just as you did before when you were first in love with each other.
  • Keep your chemistry alive even at home, maybe in the kitchen or baby’s room when you do your daily chores.
  • Hug each other frequently even if you have a baby in your arms.

It is all up to you. After all, it’s your life and you know better how to deal with it. These were just reminders for you. So, find out as many ways as you can to reconnect your romance

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