Difference Between Logical And Romantic Love

Difference between Logical and Romantic Love

Love and Romance are the most powerful forces that are chased in any relationship. No wonder we feel very energized and influenced when we fall in a deeply romantic love! Throughout our life, we all keep on searching for a soul mate, who can complement us and can stand upon our expectations. And, these expectations have no limits!

There are basically two forms of love in this virtual world. One is the emotional way of expressing it (can term it as romantic love) and the other is the logical one- a rational way of looking at your partner. For example, when you fall in love, you don’t care much about who the person is, how much the earning is, or will he keep you happy throughout your life. This is what generally happens in Romantic love. In contrast, logical love is all about calculations and predictions. It is to love someone who is caring, approved by family members or relatives, has a stable job, and who is all the time available whenever needed.

Let us illustrate this difference briefly in three different perspectives:

Logical vs Romantic Love Search

Difference Between Logical And Romantic Love

In Romantic love, romance is like a fairy tale story, where people find a love like a crazy force of passion and an imaginary world where every joy and excitement of life is experienced. It is the emotional attraction between the two. Also when you fall in love, you constantly think about your partner’s happiness, rather than making yourself happy. Your happiness lies in your soulmate’s contentment and fulfillment.

Contrary to this, in Logical love, as discussed above, finding a partner is a risk factor (for both parties). Logical partners are their own masters. They know well what they need and they get it. Their self-sustaining abilities and philosophies are their strengths.


Difference Between Logical And Romantic Love

In romance, fighting is good. It is the only way that keeps love intact. In romantic love, disputes are settled by mutual concessions. That means compromises are pivotal here. It is because, as discussed in the above point, you feel happy when your partner is happy.

Whereas in Logical one, mostly, fights are settled in a period of time. This is because partners know how to find their way out of the conflicts and move on at their own terms. Their straight thinking enables them to rekindle the sparks of love although being apart emotionally.

Faithfulness In Logical vs Romantic Love

Faithfulness is one of the ways of showing your unconditional love, honesty, and trust towards your love. In romantic love, sometimes it fails because partners are constantly in a search of emotional attachments. They start considering that they are no longer feeling passionate about love with their partner and thus start experiencing new things.

In logical love, relationships are most committed and hence there are fewer chances of cheating with each other. Logical partners understand why things happen, they try to find the logic behind every happening. Hence they are less likely to get distressed and thus believe in finding a solution to their problems. If their partners are unfaithful to them at times, logical love will allow them to forgive their partner.

Whatever the differences may be, both of the aspects are viable in a relationship. The problem may arise when one tries to change the other completely, or when someone tries to alter the other person on their own terms.

Whatever the thing is, this combination of blending and moldings of the souls holds them together and contributes to constituting a powerful love affair- that is full of passion, affection or logic.

Out of all these things, the most important aspect of life to remember is – you should never look just at your partner’s mistakes and flaws, but see him or her as a whole individual that they actually are.

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