Couples Therapy Near Me – All The Reasons You Should Undertake Therapy

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It is during the pandemic time that we got to see a lot of couples making groovy posts about their relationship and we will see a lot of other people giving relationship advice as well. We would like to emphasize the fact that your relationship is yours to worry about and generic advice will not be applicable for your relationship. If you think things are going south and that you need some external help, then you should be contacting a couples therapist. In this article, we are going to discuss some couple therapy techniques used by industry experts.

Reflective Listening

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You might have heard this technique several times and it is also a beneficial exercise where the couple has to listen to each other. The expert would suggest using the word I instead of you and as a couple, you get to take turns and listen to the other person talk about things they feel and this is expected to boost healthy communication in your relationship. While it could be as simple as, you guys should sit and talk. Some external help would be required to establish the kind of communication lost for some time. This exercise will also increase the conflict resolution skills among the couple.

Emotionally Focused Therapy

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We all know the kind of emotions that would have been hurt if a couple decides to split ways or tries to find external help. They have come up with the method called emotionally focused therapy wherein the couple will be identifying the maladaptive patterns within their company that interferes with the attachments they have and the security of their experience. The ultimate goal of this technique is to learn and make use of the techniques to create a secure attachment in a relationship. If you think your relationship is becoming toxic, then this technique is suggestible.

Gottman Method

Coming to yet another popular method practiced by directors, this technique is focused on helping the couple deepen their understanding of one another and simultaneously managing the issues in their relationship. The Gottman Institute has come up with a lot of research on this method and you might want to check out their life workshops and training materials.

Imago Relationship Therapy 

Now we have one of the crucial relationship therapy techniques and this technique emphasizes the connection between the experiences the person has had in their childhood and them trying to implement it in the adult relationship. Things that are happening in your relationship without any reason could make a lot of sense if you are able to connect any past trauma with your actions and with this, the therapy session will help you be more empathetic and understanding towards each other.


All these therapy techniques are focused on bringing a solution but again you should remember, it is the effort you are willing to put into the relationship that will help it last longer. The therapist will not give you an abrupt answer to the problems in your relationship because they have not gone through your relationship from your perspective. They would just be asking the right questions and helping you figure out what is going on and you are expected to have a goal to have a better relationship and work on it.

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