Couple Massage Therapy to Ignite Passion

Couple Massage Therapy

Who doesn’t like a massage? Well, we all think of a relaxing, destressing massage from a therapist if we have had a busy day. But what about a sensual massage from your lover that may lead to a different ending? Well, am talking about a sensual massage that couples give each other to turn each other on or to arouse each other, so as to lead to a great happy ending. Here are some tips for a great couple massage therapy to ignite passion and love.

You can even take such couple massage by professional masseurs who offer twin couple massages too. They have massage rooms with twin beds, where two professionals give a therapy massage to couples.

Ambience and Mood

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You need to set the perfect ambience by putting on soft music and keeping the light dim. Next, you need aromatic oils to set the perfect mood. Now begin with slow strokes on the hands and limbs. Be gentle and while massaging, make gentle comments in your partner’s ears to arouse them.

Strokes and Technique

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The first place to begin with should be the head. You may think that nothing is sensuous about a head massage. But, it deeply relaxes the person and sets the mood right. Next, come on the back and ensure that you spend quite some time on the back massage as it completely relaxes the person. Make sure your techniques are right and your strokes are gentle and strong. While massaging, touch your partner’s erogenous zones as if by mistake and then return to the hands or legs. This will arouse your partner like crazy.

Other Ingredients Other Than Oil

Heard of a chocolate massage? Well, if you want to take your sensual massage to the next level, use edible chocolate syrup to massage your partner. The perks of this is that you can lick off some of it from your favorite body parts to arouse your partner.

Things to Remember

Ensure that you are stinky or sweaty. Nothing turns off the person getting massaged than the stink coming from the masseur. Ensure that your hands are soft and warm. Keep the temperature of the room nice and cozy too. The oil or whatever ingredient you are using for massage should be at room temperature too. Your strokes should be gentle, else you may end up hurting your partner.

Hot Bath

Keep a hot bath ready if you want to have some fun in a hot tub. Some partners do not like to have sex when they are all oily and dirty. Keep the massaging only for arousing. You can clean off in the hot bath and then have your steamy encounter.

There are various techniques of doing the right sensual massage. You may not be a pro, but these techniques will help you do the right way and arouse your partner too.

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