Best Couples Therapy Podcast To Listen To

Couples Therapy Podcast

Nobody is resistant to issues with relationships, dating uncertainty, or sex. And while a therapist who is typically willing to give customized guidance is the option, not everyone has the time or money.

But don’t worry. Suppose you can’t figure out how to tell your partner that you’re feeling insecure, that you’d like to talk about getting their mother out of your home, that you’re not ready to get married this year or just need a little affirmation that you’re keeping your relationship as safe as you can. In that case, there’s probably a podcast to talk about your burning curiosities and most profound concerns. 

 We landed on this curated bunch after listening to hours-on-hours of dating advice from a long list of podcasts out there. These couples’ therapy podcasts on relationships offer the most exciting and thoughtful truths, intelligent insights and practical advice. Have a listen and watch the relationship prosper.

Modern Love 

The Best Couples Therapy Podcast Tips
The Best Couples Therapy Podcast Tips

Modern Love is a podcast based on the beloved column of the New York Times, which is now an Amazon Prime series. Remarkable celebrities like Regina King and J. Apatow collaborate with NYT hosts Meghna Chakrabarti (of NPR) and Daniel Jones to read and discuss essays by listeners. The stories cover everything from a transgender relationship to a 12-hour relationship on a plane and usually close it out.

 Dear Sugars 

Cheryl Strayed grew popular when she published her book, and when that, she was the host of the confidential advice column, “Dear Sugar.” Today, with her fellow columnist Steve Almond, the romantic fling dish provides insightful, loving and realistic guidance on many pressing issues such as infidelity, resentment and past relationships.

ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show 

Couples Therapy Podcast Tips
Couples Therapy Podcast Tips

Fathers who have been married for 22 years, Tony and Lisa DiLorenzo, explore topics of engagement, marriage and sex, dig into actual circumstances and give practical advice. While the DiLorenzos integrate hints into the Christian life, their lack of “preaching” permits even those without religious links to respond to their experiences — and benefit from them.

Why Won’t You Date Me? 

Are they wondering why are you still single? Okay, so why are you not going to date me? By Nicole Byer. The comedian tries to figure out the answer by sitting down each episode with a new guest to discuss blow jobs, polyamory, find dates on Craigslist, and deal with anxieties about intimacy.

 Dyking Out  

Comedian Carolyn Bergier takes her listeners on an analysis of relationships, sexuality, news and pop culture concerning today’s lesbians and queer people. She had hosted the show, which they give their listener’s couples therapy podcast, with Sarah York until recently, but they went their separate spaces after a crash they hadn’t yet explained to the chagrin of many of their listeners.

Relationship Alive!  

Host Neil Sattin, a relevant instructional coach who offers more of a “New Age” vibe, examines relationships from the perspective of energy, chemistry, and actions through giving couples therapy podcasts. The soothing voice of Sattin invites professionals each week to advise on tough, universal topics, such as how to stay alive infidelity and how to break free from unhealthy patterns or relationship issues.

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