Amazing Blind Date Ideas

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Amazing Blind Date Ideas

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Check out this list of ten amazing blind date ideas. When you are planning your next date night, don’t just sit at home and watch another episode of Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, get out there and have some fun!

Find a new hobby or activity that will help bring you closer to your partner. Don’t forget to check local listings for shows near you.

1) Go Window Shopping

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This classic dating activity may not sound too exciting at first glance, but window shopping can be tons of fun when trying to find something for someone special. You’ll both get the chance to figure out what you think the other would like while getting passionate about that new watch or dress.

2) Go for a Car Drive

This classic first date idea probably brings back memories of you and your high school sweetheart. But taking your date out for a car ride provides great conversation starters while getting the chance to get to know each other outside of the house.

3) See a Movie Together

Movies are always romantic in their own right. So taking your date to go see a movie on the big screen is a classic first date idea. Just be sure that it is a movie that you have both been wanting to see because nothing ruins a first date faster than being forced to watch something overly sappy.

4) Go, Bowling

Bowling is fun and relaxed enough for even the most uptight people. And if you happen to suck at bowling, it will be clear very quickly so there won’t be any hard feelings about how badly you may have done. Plus, sometimes going out with someone new requires being able to laugh at yourself!

5) Volunteer Together

Doing good things together is always an ideal way to spend time with someone new. Volunteering at places like soup kitchens or charity events can lead to some great conversation starters before or after work. It also gets the two of you focused on helping others together, which is always a good thing.

6) Go Skateboarding

This one may take a little more effort on the part of the man, but it’s still an awesome date. It’s also great if your man isn’t very athletic or has been wanting to begin skateboarding again. Meeting up with friends and hitting some ramps is sure to make for some fun times.

7) Play Laser Tag

If you want something physical during your first date, then laser tag might be for you. Being able to whack each other with harmless lasers (wink wink!) can provide tons of laughter on top of getting everyone over their first date jitters. Plus, who doesn’t like using glowing guns?

8) Take a Class

Taking a class together is an awesome first-date idea. It will get you out of your normal routines and learning something new together can be a great way to get the conversation going. Plus, if either of you has been wanting to try the same thing but didn’t have anyone to take it with, then this can always lead to future dates.

9) Go Ice Skating

If you both like winter sports, then why not hit up an ice skating rink? You can rent a pair of skates and whirl around the rink. It’s also a great way to stay active during the cold winter months.

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