5 Things That Say Couples Therapy Actually Works

does couples therapy work

In fact, there are more couples who are asking this question when they are going through a tough patch in their relationship. This is because couples therapy is a great way to address issues that are causing you two problems. It allows you to find out the real cause of your problems and the best way to overcome it. So, if you have a couple who are having some marital issues and you want to know if couples therapy works, here are a few things that can tell you how effective it is.

First of all, individual therapy works fine. While it is true that couples’ therapy can be effective as a couple’s therapy, it is also true that it can be effective with outside help. This is especially true with the couple’s friends or their relatives. By having outside help, the therapist will be able to identify the cause of the problem and how the problem came to be. This is much more helpful than simply treating the symptoms.

A Difficult Patch In Their Relationship

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Second, I can say that yes, couples therapy works for couples that are going through a difficult patch in their relationship. If one partner is always feeling like the other is being selfish or is controlling the relationship, this is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. However, the opposite is also true. If one partner is always doing things that make the other partner feel insecure and rejected, then the issue is definitely in need of attention as well.

Third, I can also say that couples’ stay together, at least in the beginning stages of a relationship, depends on how quickly each partner is able to discern the issues. If both partners are open to talking about what is really troubling them, the relationship can stay together for a while. However, this is only natural. Just like a couple in a relationship will not remain together forever if neither partner is able to discern the problems, neither partner will remain in a relationship that is struggling if they are not willing to address their issues.

It Is Important To Find The Right Therapist

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The problem arises when either one of the partners feels that the other one is not receiving appropriate help. The problem arises when the therapist is unable to discern the problem himself or herself and refuses to address it. There are some great therapists out there, but it is important to find the right therapist for your relationship. To make matters even more complicated, some couples actually experience compatibility issues with their therapist. Therefore, it is crucial to find a good couples’ therapy program.

Fourth, I can say that couples’ therapy does work if both parties are willing to go through therapy. Couples that actually go through therapy generally have more positive emotions, better communication, and have better relationships than those who don’t. If one party is adamant that there is nothing wrong, then couples’ therapy is probably not something you should pursue. On the other hand, if your partner is not willing to go through therapy, it is best to skip the entire process all together. However, if both of you have an open mind to going through therapy together, then maybe it is worth the small sacrifice.

Both Partners Are Willing To Make Changes

Fifth, couples therapy works if both partners are willing to make changes. If one partner is resistant to change, and feels that they have to stick with the same situation forever, then therapy may not be worth pursuing. Change your situation and be willing to live a new life.

There are great things that you can learn from others and make the life you have now better. Find out what really makes you happy. Make some compromises and commitments that both of you can agree upon and commit to.


Finally, it says that couples therapy is worth pursuing if you both have a desire for a healthier, happier relationship. Couples need all of the help they can get and this is one way for you and your therapist to come up with solutions to keep your relationship healthier. If you and your therapist can find areas of common interest, then therapy can be extremely fruitful for all of you.

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